MID Dental care offers you the following care in Amstelveen:

General dentistry

Whether it is a semi-annual check-up, a crown, a bridge or a dental reconstruction, at our dental clinic it is one of our main goals to treat the patient in an anxious and pain-free environment, without unnecessary waiting times and with the best result.

Dental hygienist

Good oral hygiene is the basis of strong teeth. The oral hygienist is expert in the field of oral care and the treatment of gum disease.

Pediatric dentist

It is important to start visiting the dentist at a young age. For us, children are therefore an important patient group for whom we like to take the time.


By means of frequent training in the field of implantology, a high level of surgical routine and our own dental laboratory we achieve the desired result with our implantation procedures. With an eye for the health, functionality and aesthetics of the teeth.

Dentist for orthodontics

The dentist for orthodontics & nbsp; has the latest techniques and works with the best materials. A beautiful and regular teeth is the goal for every patient.

258/5000 Dental technology

MID Dentists have their own dental laboratory. Three international top tooth technicians work in this dental laboratory. Their performance in the field of quality and artistic talent is of recognized world level.

Cosmetic dentistry

Well thought-out treatment planning, professional intercollegial consultation and optimal communication with the patient ensure the best possible result. With our aesthetic dentistry and techniques we can in most cases show the patient in advance the result.

Anxiety dentist

Are you afraid of the dentist and have not been there for a long time? Our dentists know through their years of experience how to deal with patients who fear the dentist.


The dentist specialized in periodontics focuses the care on the gums and the jawbone for teeth and molars. In case of abnormalities or disorders, you will be referred by your dentist or oral hygienist so that you receive specialized care. Sound gums and jawbone are part of good teeth.

Second opinion

You can always contact us for a second opinion. The assessment of another dentist gives you more certainty about the recommended treatments.

Scanning equipment

With state-of-the-art scanning techniques we guarantee the best possible results within the shortest possible treatment time..