A dental crown

When a tooth is broken or it is a nerve-treated tooth, it can be reinforced with a crown. A crown can be regarded as a thimble in the form of a tooth, which is glued over the tooth. The porcelain crown has the color and shape of a natural tooth. If you miss a tooth or if both your tooth and tooth root are damaged, there is the possibility to first place an implant where the crown can be attached.

First step:

After the damaged tooth has been reground slightly by a dentist under local anesthetic, an impression of the tooth is made. On this basis, the crown is manufactured in our laboratory. These are entirely made of porcelain and do not contain metal. There are exceptions to this in a few cases. The crown is individually shaped, colored and finished in our laboratory, where we look at the patient to achieve a perfect aesthetic result.

Second step:

The crown is glued over your damaged tooth or molar

Dental bridge

When you miss one or more teeth, a dental bridge is a great solution. A bridge consists of a fixed combination of three or more teeth next to each other. A bridge spans the part where your teeth are missing and is attached to existing teeth on both sides. Because these adjacent teeth serve as pillars for the bridge, an adjustment is necessary in the form of two crowns. Just as with crowns, a bridge in the right color is also made to measure and it is a permanent replacement. As a result, it forms a whole with the rest of your teeth.