Passionate dental improvers

No matter how crazy it sounds, it says who we are. With a heart for our profession and our patients, we offer high quality dental and oral care for a responsible price.

Our professionals

All care providers at MID show passion for their profession. They are enthusiastic about their work and carry out every treatment with as much perfection. Because of their open and flexible attitude they know how to communicate with you in a pleasant way.

Our mission

We want to make dental and oral care accessible and affordable for everyone in a pleasant and modern environment. And giving every patient, every visit, full transparency about treatment and prices.

Meaning of MID

Behind the name MID the philosophy is hidden. MID is an abbreviation of Mydentity, which is a reference to my identity. With the joke to ‘dent’ (tooth) for us shows that teeth do everything for your face, your smile and your personality. A good set of teeth makes your appearance.