Rates and accrual of costs

From 1 January 2013, the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA) has established a uniform national dental rate. For every operation that your MID dentist carries out with you, there is a transaction code with a rate. For example, a filling consists of a number of operations: the draining of the tooth, the anesthetic, the adhesive with which the filling is attached and the filling material itself. Of course we are very willing to give you further explanation and explanation.


For treatments from € 100, – you will receive a written budget with a specification of the costs. Treatments are only carried out by us if you have signed the budget for approval. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the budget and / or the treatment. Note: a budget is not an offer but a real cost indication.

In the budget for “crown and bridge work” & nbsp; possible extra treatments such as gum or root canal treatments are not included. For this you always receive a separate budget.

Terms and Conditions

The general conditions of MID Healthcare BV apply to all MID Oral Care Centers. The conditions will be sent to you on request.

Payment terms and conditions

The payment terms and conditions of dental care of the NMT, as deposited on 16 May 2007, are filed with the registry of the Utrecht District Court under number 150/2007. We are happy to provide you with a copy of these conditions.


The invoice includes the UPT codes, the dental clinic and the technical costs. Only on request we provide a specification of the technical costs.

Invoice payment

Unless otherwise agreed, we send our invoices to Fa-med. In that case, the general (payment) conditions of the Fa-med apply. In other cases the payment conditions for dental care of the NMT apply.

If you are additionally insured, Fa-med will send the bill to your insurance company and you will receive an invoice for your own risk.

Important: sometimes we consider it imperative to place a crown or bridge temporarily in anticipation of possibly other treatments still to be carried out or alleged problems with the pillars. In this case, you will not be charged yet and the work will be documented by us as work in progress.