The general terms and conditions form an integral part of the treatment agreement (s) between the care provider providing the oral care (hereinafter: “MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen”), including his employees, and the patient (hereinafter referred to as the “agreement”). The general terms and conditions are stated on the website ( and will be sent on request.

Third parties

MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen is entitled to engage third parties in the performance of the agreement. MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen will exercise due care in choosing these third parties and, if reasonably possible, will consult the patient in advance, with the exception of observers and dental technicians. MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen is not liable for the behavior of these third parties. Articles 7: 404, 7: 409 and 7: 422 paragraph 1 of the Dutch Civil Code do not apply.

Costs and payment

The costs of treatment, including the costs of technology and materials, are charged to and owed by the patient, regardless of whether he can declare the costs in whole or in part with a health insurer and whether these costs are reimbursed to the patient. The costs of treatment of minors are charged to and are due by the legal representative (s).

MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen calculates, unless otherwise indicated by him, the costs of treatment in accordance with the standard price list of NZa, which is available for inspection in the practice of MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen. Changes to the standard price list are reserved. If a change in the rates on the standard price list results in a price change for the agreed treatment, then MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen will inform the patient about this in writing and / or digitally prior to the treatment.

Appointments must – if necessary due to force majeure – be canceled no later than 24 hours before treatment. In the event of late or late cancellation of the appointment, MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen will charge the reserved time and / or the agreed treatment with a rate of € 5.00 per five minutes, with a maximum of € 120.00 The exception to this is the first times this happens the patient will receive a warning letter.

Payments must be made by the patient within 30 days of the date of the invoice. The payments made by the patient always first serve to settle the interest, damage and costs owed and then to settle the due invoices that have been outstanding the longest, even if the patient states that the payment relates to a later invoice. If there is an advance payment, this will be settled with the last declaration under the agreement. Notwithstanding the foregoing, MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen is always entitled to demand immediate and / or cash payment.

MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen transfers all its claims in the case of assignment to Famed. Famed takes care of the collection; the patient is obliged to pay Famed directly.

Treatment and information

Prior to any comprehensive and / or radical dental treatment that involves an amount of 150, – euros (in words: one hundred and fifty euros) or more in costs, the patient or his / her legal representative is quoted in writing and / or digitally, containing a description of the services to be performed by MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen for the relevant treatment, the rate to be charged per service, as well as the expected material and technical costs. The material and technical costs cannot be more than an estimate, because MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen is dependent on third parties for this. If gold or other alloys are used, the supplier’s day price applies at the time of delivery. The final amounts of the other technology prices and transactions can deviate a maximum of 10 percent from the budgets. If prior provision is not reasonably possible, then MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen is not obliged to provide the aforementioned prior written and / or digital quotation, provided that the costs of the treatment in that case – unless this is also not reasonably possible – prior to the work. has been discussed with the patient and / or his legal representative (s).

In the event of a necessary change in the treatment plan as a result of unforeseen complications during treatment, which result in budget overruns, the costs to be charged will be charged to the patient pro rata to the unforeseen costs. The treatment plan shall also include as far as possible the expected consequences and risks for the health of the patient and other methods of treatment wil come into consideration.


The patient is obliged to make all information and documents that MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen needs in order to execute the agreement, timely and in the desired form and in the desired manner. The extra costs and extra treatment costs arising from the delay in the performance of the agreement, arising from the non-availability, late or improper provision of the requested data and documents, are for the account of the patient. The patient is responsible for the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the data and documents made available to MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen. MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen records at the request of the patient in writing which interventions of a radical or non-invasive nature have given this permission.


Reclaims and complaints

Complaints about invoices must be submitted in writing to MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen within eight days after the invoice date, failing which the patient is deemed to have accepted the invoice as correct. Submitting a complaint about an invoice does not suspend the payment term and obligation. Settlement with counterclaims is not permitted. The same applies to complaints submitted to the Dentistry Complaints Committee or any other body.

Payment term exceeded

If the patient has not, not timely, not properly, or only partially fulfilled his payment obligations, the patient is always immediately in default, without any further notice of default being required and the amounts due are immediately due and payable. In that case, the patient owes MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen the statutory interest over the period of the absence, as well as all costs that MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen must incur to collect his claim, whereby the extrajudicial costs are set at 15 percent of the amount due, with a minimum of EUR 100, without prejudice to the right of MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen to claim the full damage. In the event of payment arrears, MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen is entitled to suspend further treatment or to only carry out cash payment


The liability of MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen is limited to the amount to which the professional liability insurance taken out by MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen gives claim, where appropriate, plus the amount of the deductible of MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen under the insurance. If desired, the patient can view this policy at the practice of MID Mondzorgcentrum Amstelveen.