At MID you will experience a new way of going to the dentist. New is our total oral care in one practice. New is the dentist who is transparent about the treatments and prices. New are the wider opening times. What is new is that you also have a choice of your own dentist, dental hygienist and dentist for orthodontics.

Welcome to MID Dentists. Welcome to the new dentist.

Invisible braces

Has it always been your dream to have beautiful straight teeth, but you do not want a visible brace?
With Orthocaps you can achieve the same effect. Orthocaps can address the following problem areas: crowding, slits, cross bite, overbite and midline shift.

MID Dental care offers you the following care in Amstelveen:

Whether it is a six-monthly check-up, a crown, a bridge or a dental reconstruction, one of our most important goals in our dental clinic is to treat the patient in a pain-free and pain-free atmosphere, without unnecessary waiting times and with the best results .

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Teeth Whitening at MID Dentists

A radiant white teeth is a permanent gift to yourself. MID dentists offers a safe and effective method that delivers the desired result within one hour. We use the Opalscene method that is performed by or under the supervision of a dentist. And because no more than 6% hydrogen peroxide is used, the treatment is particularly safe. Within one treatment (including dental cleaning), your teeth become 2 to 9 shades lighter, and you can walk out of practice with a beautiful smile. More information can be found in the brochure that you can download via the link below.

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